1) MEMBERS: PLEASE HELP LEAD A TASK FORCE TODAY :  Please put your name in the box under the Task Force you which to join and hit submit.

ACTIVISM TASK FORCE:  Build KRCC membership, communicate with out club and build a Campaign Team to help Republican candidates!

CITIZENSHIP TASK FORCE: Build the Watchman on the Wall program to learn about issues and keep track of office-holders and candidate and keep the club membership informed!

TRAINING TASK FORCE: Create and run a training program to prepare the activists and campaign workers the Republican Party needs!

PARTY BUILDING TASK FORCE: Build the Republican Party in Idaho with a program to reach out, identify and get involved Republicans in Kootenai County!


P.O. Box 1274
Post Falls, ID 83877
Phone: (208) 457-7171

Meeting Times:
First Thursday  6:30PM

Other Thursdays 12:00 Noon
at Fedora Pub & Grille,
1726 W. Kathleen Ave.,
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

Actively Building the New Conservative Majority