Crashed Obama-Care "Coffee Party! Over forty local Republicans responded to the KCRR rallying cry to protest and wave signs at a 'Coffee Party' event in favor of socialized medicine in Idaho.  With only two days notice KCRR members and friends at least matched the size of the Coffee Party group. (Picture Above)

Exposed Democrat Party Healthcare Forum as a Sham! They declared it a 'non-partisan' meeting where the entire panel endorsed universal healthcare. And the moderator was Kootenai County's only democrat out of nine state legislators: George Saylor. Plus, the democrats called the police on the KCRR members who were holding up signs in front of the library! 1st VP Ron Lahr's letter in the CDA Press skewered the sham event!

Sign Waving Counter-Protest a Success! 16 sign waving Republicans scared off the Democrats! They saw we were there in force so they drove away!

Healthcare Townhall a Success! Thursday night, September 3rd at 7pm an estimated 200+ people attended and we got front page coverage (above the fold!) in the Coeur d’Alene Press telling Congressman Minnick North Idaho DOES NOT WANT GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE! Thank you to everyone who attended and worked on the event.

Challenged Rep. Walt Minnick!  We called Minnick to account for his own “lecture/photo op” that he called a “forum” and forced him to change his format. Then made our presence known at Minnick’s “forum” with signs and flyers. Our challenge made it into the Coeur d’Alene Press, the Spokane Spokesman-Review, and the local TV news.

KCRR Showed Our Colors at Athol Daze Parade and the Hauser Parade.

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